Brain Grains

Little Grains of Thought, Freshly Cracked and Served With Good Spirits.


Sometimes you gotta take a break.

Summer's ending shortly, I'll be ending my laziness and returning to a productive/hectic world filled with grains, so expect more within the next few weeks.


Time to get funky.

Seriously, get funky. Stand up and get funky.


Funny Words: Mittens

"I see you're wearing mittens."

"Yes, yes, I've finnally found a good use for them."

"Well I'm sorry, but, I don't think you're supposed to wear them there."

[Insert deep breath]

Take a walk outside. Now.

Sometimes you gotta get a favicon.

Nice, right? MS Paint is your friend.

Sometimes you gotta spend too much time at The Tartar Sauce

It's been busy over there. Check it out.